Muscular reinforcement, cardio improvement in search of well-being, come and live the addictive experience of our courses.

Toning, muscle building and caloric burning are the result.

HiiT Circuit Training - High intensity interval training.

Workshops with body weight movements and additional weights.

A short burst followed by a brief recovery.

These courses will have a huge impact on your metabolism.

Weight loss, refinement, muscle gain and athletic figure.

Body Building

Physical training with weights (LIGHT, MIDDLE AND HEAVY) in order to maintain or grow your muscle mass.

From basic workouts for beginners to specific ones for the more advanced.

Whatever is your goal:



• Gaining volume and muscle mass

• Postural rebalancing.

• Harmonious body aesthetics...

Bodybuilding targets your specific expectations in the short, medium and long term.

You work the whole body under the supervision and guidance of your personal trainer who will guide you towards your goal.

Cross Training

The predominantly functional physical training on the practice and execution of technical moves.

Weightlifting type workouts and their variants to be completed

As well as body weight workouts derived from athletics and gymnastics

Cross training is a high intensity training with high energy value and metabolic impact.

You stimulate your ability to cope with the effort required:

Push, lift, pull, tow medium to heavy loads with diverse equipment (kettlebell, battle rope, medicine ball, tyre, chains, etc.)

Courses suitable for all public ... on one condition - don't fake it!


Live the experience of a boxer for the duration of the course!

It is the ideal activity for improving your cardio and developing an athletic dimension.

You alternate cardio-based exercises with punch-bag exercises, you work with both technique and muscle building.

Our courses allow you to work on coordination, strength and endurance.

Introductory courses are available to give everyone the opportunity to understand this discipline.


Follow your trainer in a group indoor cycling course, paced to INCREASE YOUR PERFORMANCE and BURN FAST.

You alternate the workout for strength and speed to tone and sculpt your body.

Our courses are suitable for all, adjust your resistance according to your fitness level.

Training Classes

Have you set a goal?

Do you want to find the means to achieve it?

Working with your trainer will help you get visible results faster.

Beginner or seasoned sportsman, your training begins with the attentive listening of your wishes, analysing your objectives, your physical condition and your potential for creating a personalised programme.

Your trainer supports you all year long with advice and rigorous follow-ups.

Exceed your limits thanks to the individual advice of your trainer and the competitiveness of a group!