"A unique style and devastating power. Back in 1986, Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing World Champion at the age of just 20.

His secret: discipline, learning to love doing what we hate most!

Today, the man transmits, he shares his knowledge, and the MIKE TYSON ACADEMY is the guarantor of his philosophy.

A clear colour code and clear signage, a design that reflects the spirit of the boxer

The MIKE TYSON ACADEMY is a style, a vision, the will and determination, the goals of a champion. It is also about conviviality, a spiritual quest, and a road to well-being.

Welcome to the MIKE TYSON ACADEMY!

Our values

The MIKE TYSON ACADEMY represents strong values: perseverance, discipline, self-confidence; enthusiasm.

Mike TYSON transmits his legacy. It is through his inspiration, that we are changing the world of Fitness.

Our facilities

A perfect combination of fitness and boxing

Programmes and courses have been specially designed by the champion himself. Personalised training programmes for all levels

All MIKE TYSON ACADEMIES have fitness areas and are equipped with a boxing ring, punch-bags, jump ropes, etc.

Our trainers

We offer a variety of courses and training programmes.

Our trainers are certified by the MIKE TYSON ACADEMY, and are constantly undergoing training. Mike TYSON has selected the best trainers worldwide.

Their business:

Pursue your goal, be it: Personal development, self-confidence, the potential or even the talent.

Our founder

A name, an iconic brand and a global recognition

Having a brand name bearing the name Mike TYSON is an undeniable asset for our network.

"I want to share this Academy as a legacy for young people, for my children, and for all the children of the planet.

Humility, hard work and discipline are the three key words at our Academy.

These are the precepts, the rules to follow. They were my barometer when I was fighting.

When all three came together, it worked great"

- Mike TYSON -