Mike's Philosophy

Mike’s philosophy is work hard in every discipline of fitness.

Fitness has to be well rounded, featuring Cardio, Strength, Functional Training and of course BOXING!

We feature a full scale Boxing Ring in every location and the technology and systems that appeal to everyone. Boxing has always been a sport for all ages.

We will capture this with Group and Functional Training Classes to bring your fitness program to a whole new level. Mike’s Certified Trainers and exceptional Training Staff will give your Academy the tools to possess the Winning Combination for your Facility.

mike tyson laughing

Mike Tyson Academy Specificities

Having such an iconic name attached to this venture is a significant advantage.
However, we are dedicating a huge space to Mike’s philosophy and sport ethic as well.

During his whole career Mike’s motto was hard work, dedication and discipline. We want to bring these values back to fitness.

Every MTA facilities will have a full functional fitness area but also a real size boxing ring. Special programs designed by the Champ himself will be available in all our fitness centers.

MTA takes personal training very seriously. The franchise will select about 50 core MTA trainers all around the world. These instructors will be sent in each new MTA facility a month prior to the opening to teach the latest MTA training technics and programs. Every MTA core trainer will have to take online courses in order to get their ultimate MTA Certificate. This document includes accurate knowledge in:

– Sales: Any MTA core trainer needs to be expert on sales. Must know how to attract client and turn him/her into a dedicated MTA
consumer (memberships, merchandising, group training, supplements etc.)

– Nutrition: A MTA core trainer needs to be able to advise clients on what to eat and how to eat. Trainers must design meal plans and diet
programs to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

– Communication: The ultimate mission for a MTA core trainer is to push the client to be the best version of himself both mentally and
physically. Communication is essential.

– Fitness: This is the fundamental part to the MTA core trainer, he/she needs to have the highest level of fitness certification in his/her

Mike Tyson Academy have the objective of being one of the most innovative franchise in fitness industry. The company has devoted a whole department specifically dedicated to new technology and research. The goal is to stay on top of the new trendS and be as original as possible. The company is already developing different projects in that direction (Fit Grip, Cliknfit, Altitude Mask, VTS, Monster Room, etc.).